Jeff Ferguson Ministry

           The purpose of my music is to venerate the simple country church. A church  like North Holtville Friend’s, where neighbors and friends can gather at the end of the week for spiritual inspiration and fellowship.
    North Holtville Friends Church was the first Church I attended as a child . My Grandparents were among the Church founders . I had the opportunity to return recently for the one hundredth anniversary. It was this experience that inspired me.  
    While I have performed with groups ranging from church youth choirs to opera companies my  memories of standing with the congregation and singing from the hymnal are by far my most cherished.
    The simple beauty of the close harmonies and inspirational lyrics seem to come straight from God.
    I hope to recreate that simple beauty I also hope you are inspired each time you listen.

                                                       Thank You.

                                                                       Love, Jeff
Phonehymn’s goal is to have over one million souls answering their phones to the tune of
           “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord”
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 Already There are more than 40,000 of you. Just think of the opportunities to witness simply because of the conversations started by a ringing cellphone.
I would like to hear about those conversations and post them on this site.
Please E-mail me at

Thank you, Love Jeff

Next Sunday when  the Preacher asks everyone to bow their heads in silent prayer and the only sounds you hear are muffled coughs and fussy children being escorted to the foyer and your phone ringing because you forgot to turn it off before the service started, won’t you be glad that it’s quietly singing

“Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.”
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